Interview with Zion Charity, Surry County, Virginia

Zion S. Charity is a bass guitarist and native of Surry County, Virginia. Inspired by his uncle, bassist Alvin Parker, Zion picked up the instrument and later studied with jazz and gospel musicians Alvin “Web” Wilson and Randolph “Randy” Ellis. In college, Zion studied with James Holden, Jr., Harold Houghton, Sr., and Mark Johnson. Zion has toured internationally and performed alongside artist such as Earl Bynum, Cora Armstrong, and DeeDee Bridgewater. As a recording artist, Zion plays bass for artists worldwide, as well as produces his own solo work. He has performed with many groups in the Virginia area, including the Carl Waterford Band and the KGExperience (Detroit, Michigan), and served as music director for Damon Little (Baltimore , Maryland). As an educator, he is the CEO of Zionite Bass University, a privately-run bass guitar school for students of all ages. Beyond music, Zion is involved in community service both locally and nationally.
Interviewed by Tamar Sella, 10/02/2020.