Interview with Marv Hamilton, Salt Lake City, Utah

Marv Hamilton (guitar, vocals, harmonica), is an award-winning performing songwriter with two hard-won CDs to his credit. Hamilton’s folk and acoustic blues songs have earned him a reputation as one of Utah’s finest songwriters. Marv returned from Vietnam in 1970 and in his recovery efforts, he picked up his first guitar to play along with John Prine; Cat Stevens; James Taylor; the Beatles; the Byrds; the Doors; Dylan; and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. He says that his music is 100% organic, cage-free folk, roots and blues. Earth music, breakup songs, blues, and ballads. Slices of life in the hills and windblown ridges of the Wasatch mountains or Black Hills of Dakota, a plane load of “grunts” on their way to Vietnam, a Cadillac, train, old truck, a motorcycle. Portraits of characters: an eco-warrior, dogs, a 1960s stewardess, icons of rock ‘n roll, lovers. Emotional journeys: grief, anger, angst and sorrow, joy and hope. At present, he plays with the Hamilton Cantonwine Clark Trio, a unique blend of folk, roots, and blues, lots of Marv’s originals and some not-so-often-covered tasty covers to round out the mix. Marv supports his guitar habit as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice in Salt Lake City.
Interviewed by Raquel Paraíso, 09/02/2020.