Interview with Jrdarappr, Richmond, Virginia

Jrdarappr aka JR is a rapper based in Richmond, Virginia. His debut album Highway To Hell was released in the spring of 2020 and explores subjects like police brutality, homicide and the ups and downs of living in the United States. The album was made in collaboration with Richmond-based producer NameBrand, along with members of the Poverty Crew, composed of JR, Vonton Soup, and Esco. Other featured artists on the album include Richmond hip hop artists Michael Millions, Young Flexico, and Nickelus F. Beyond the album, JR has performed in open mics around the city, and released a number of music videos driven by visual aesthetics and narrative flow, including “Way 2” and “This That.” JR has collaborated with the Poverty Movement, a project of his and the Poverty Crew that uses creative mediums to further Black radical liberation.
Interviewed by Tamar Sella, 09/26/2020.