Interview with Dot Levine, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dot Levine is a Philadelphia-based entertainer, bandleader and producer. As a singer and guitar player, they specialize in many genres, most prominently 1920s jazz music. Dot has performed with their group the Singular Band, as well as with the Mahogany Stompers, a duo with percussionist Julius Masri; the Howling Kettles, an old-timey trio with members spread across the United States; and groups such as the Perseverance Jazz Band. Dot is also a dedicated teacher, an active producer, and has worked extensively as a live sound technician. They build electronic instruments and equipment to use in their recording studio and in their solo experimental project, Fink Tank. In March 2020, Dot founded Dottie’s Serenade Service, which provides individually tailored socially distant performances in the age of pandemic and has expanded beyond Philadelphia to New York City, Boston, New Orleans, and Los Angeles.
Interviewed by Tamar Sella, 09/18/2020.