Interview with Daniel de Jesús, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Daniel de Jesús is a painter, composer, and songwriter versed in the worlds of visual and sonic tapestries. They hold a degree in fine art form the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and have exhibited their work throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Their musical practice includes building beats, ambient sonic spaces, and string arrangements with vocals, and their work has been described as Baroque pop and Neo-Goth, filled with dramatic themes based on mysticism, the occult, and Latin American lore. Daniel de Jesús has nine studio recordings of their original music and performs with orchestras and rock bands in the region and around the world. Their projects include collaborations with painter and performance artist David Antonio Cruz, singer songwriter Courtlyn Carr, and the Bearded Ladies Cabaret. They have performed at venues across the world including the Park Ave. Armory, Millennium Park Theater, and World Café Live.
Interviewed by Tamar Sella, 09/24/2020