Interview with Vince Reyes, Malesso’, Guam

Vincent J. C. Reyes is a Master of CHamoru dance based in Malesso’, Guam. Vince serves as Director of the Inetnon Gefpå’go Cultural Arts Program for middle school students. The group promotes CHamoru Culture through music, song ,and dance, and performs regularly in Guam’s tourist industry as well as in festivals and competitions internationally, winning various awards and honors. They have performed in twenty-seven countries, including Turkey, Romania, Korea, and Oman. As a teacher and group leader, Reyes was awarded the Traditional Teacher of the Year Award from the Guam Humanities Council (2004). In 2012, the CHamoru Cultural Dance Curriculum he authored was approved by the Guam Education Policy Board and became the official curriculum for all middle schools on the island. That same year, Reyes was also recognized as the A’adahen Kultura-ta (Protector of our Culture) KUAM Careforce Honoree. In addition to his work with the group, Reyes is also a music composer and producer.
Interviewed by Tamar Sella, 09/16/2020.