Interview with Rhoda Ethelbah-Case, Whiteriver, Arizona

Born and raised in the White Mountain Apache Reservation, Rhoda grew up the child of musicians Matthew J. Kane (Midnite) and wife Lee Kane. Midnite and Lee founded the band Apache Spirit and performed together for forty-seven years, covering the entire southwestern United States and playing a variety of different venues. They recorded fifteen albums and won the First Country Folk category for the Native American musical awards. Today, as a family band, Apache Spirit livens casino, club and rodeo audiences and dance floors with their hefty mix of country, Native Contemporary Originals, Oldies but Goodies, Rock N’ Roll and Blues. Currently she is the leader, background vocalist, keyboard, and drummer for Apache Spirit, Chris Kane Trio, and Lady Krow Roadshow & Rez Rootz. Currently, Rhoda manages and is the vocalist, keyboard, and drummer for Apache Spirit, Chris Kane Trio, and Lady Krow Roadshow & Rez Rootz. She is also a motivational speaker.
Interviewed by Raquel Paraíso, 11/07/2020.

Interview with Taide Pineda, Phoenix, Arizona

Taide Pineda has been playing the guitar since high school and has been involved in the Phoenix local music scene with many well-known working bands for over 15 years. He’s a cutting-edge sole artist. He is one of the founding members of Highest Conspiracy, a band that mixes reggae, rock and roll, hip hop, and pop music in their original work. With a core group of musicians and the creation of Conspiracy Horns, which is a full two-piece horn section, Highest Conspiracy has created a following that has surpassed the normal media buzz. Taide released his first solo album, Big Dreams, in May 2020.
Interviewed by Raquel Paraíso, 10/06/2020.

Interview with Mike Reardon, Scottsdale, Arizona

Mike Reardon studied jazz at Berklee College of Music from the Fall of 1980 to the spring of 1982. He has played with many rock, jazz, punk, folk, and blues bands in the Boston, MA; Rapid City, SD; and now in the Phoenix, AZ, area. Mike teaches guitar, bass, and ukulele at Strum University in North Phoenix. He is currently the vocalist and lead guitarist with Coda Blue, a classic rock band, and also fronts the Neil Young tribute band Danger Bird. During the pandemic, Mike is making at-home videos with his students.
Interviewed by Raquel Paraíso, 09/15/2020

Interview with Dave Robinson, Phoenix, Arizona

Dave Robinson is a Phoenix-based classical musician and jazz guitarist who plays everything from classical to contemporary music. He has performed with Stevie Nicks, the Four Tops, Sam Moore, Joni Sledge, the Phoenix Symphony, and many others. He is a National Endowment for the Arts grant recipient and is in demand as a studio and performing guitarist. He has recorded with the Four Tops and appeared with Sam “Soul Man” Moore on the Motown Live TV show. He studied classical guitar and harmony at Arizona State University, as well as getting private instruction from Ted Greene, Joe Diorio, and Chuck Marohnic. He has also produced recordings for the Multimedia Library in NYC.
Interviewed by Raquel Paraíso, 10/21/2020.